Another Student Defies the Current Parkland Student Pro-Gun Control Narrative to Mainstream Media Silence

Buried beneath all the anti-gun teen activism being promoted by the mainstream media, celebrities, and politicians, are those students who disagree with the narrative that guns are the problem. From anyone who doesn’t follow the news more thoroughly, you would think all of Parkland, Florida, is united in their hatred of firearms.


That’s because students like Kyle Kashuv don’t exist as far as the mainstream media is concerned. For Kashuv, the failure wasn’t with firearms or the NRA, it was with the cowardice and ineptitude of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Kashuv appeared on Fox News, where he expressed his anger over the Broward County authorities for not acting preemptively when it came to the shooter, whom they had visited some 39 times for violent reasons before the shooting occurred. To make matters worse, the department’s deputy Scot Peterson sat outside and did nothing as his fellow students were killed.

Kashuv has watched in disgust as the mainstream media and the Sheriff’s department that betrayed him and his fellows, engaged in a dog and pony show to paint anyone but themselves as the villains.

“On the CNN town hall, we had the sheriff who was virtue-signaling against the NRA and against guns when he didn’t even act properly. The armed officer outside…let my classmates die when he stood outside and waited.”


Kashuv’s words hit right on the money. The NRA is a non-player in the shooting, but it was dragged into the public square for a stoning regardless. Such is the way of the mob. But this was pushed by organizations like CNN to further a narrative that guns have to go. As Kashuv pointed out, it wasn’t the gun.

The failure lies with the law enforcement agencies who didn’t lift a finger to stop 17 people from being shot to death by a clearly identified maniac, both before and during the shooting. The millions of other guns currently sitting in homes, workplaces, etc, have not done harm to anyone or anything save a paper target or tasty woodland creature.

Two things are to blame. Our ignorance of the facets of mental illness, and the failure of law enforcement to do its job.

But that’s not what you’re hearing from the mainstream media right now, and any student like Kashuv who would create friction with the narrative currently being created around student activists like David Hogg or Cameron Kasky is ignored.



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