The Young Turks Conduct a Gun Control Poll and It Goes Horribly Wrong for Them

For those of you blessedly ignorant of who or what The Young Turks is, it’s a radical leftist media outlet centralized within YouTube that constantly gets dunked on by the likes of Steven Crowder and members of the skeptic community on YouTube for their ridiculous behavior.


The Young Turks, as you can imagine, are very keen on gun control, presenting constant arguments for limiting, if not completely restricting the buying and selling of firearms in the United States. These claims are often driven by emotion and half-thought-out facts, and are often destroyed by the YouTube community.

Before the CNN town hall aired on Wednesday, TYT decided to post a poll on their Twitter page, asking their followers if they believed it was time for an all-out ban on “assault weapons.” I’m sure from their view, it was a sure fire way to show how much more people were ready for an assault weapons ban than ever before.

But this poll went horribly wrong for the pro-gun control TYT. As of this writing, “no” is winning over “yes” 72 percent to 28 percent respectively. This is after nearly 60,000 votes have been cast.


And here’s a photo of it, just in case they take it down for any reason.

There could be a ton of explanations for this poll. Perhaps a popular 2A advocate spread the word about this poll, and people rushed in to vote. Or perhaps even more frightening for TYT, their audience isn’t as keen on gun control as they thought.

Either way, the votes against gun control surpass the votes for it by a massive margin. For a far left network, its audience seems to be severely lacking in the ability or the willingness to push the narratives TYT favors.

Also, this is freaking hilarious.


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