Democrats Are Ready to Boot Pelosi From Her Leadership Position

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is one of the more go-hard-or-go-home members of her party in terms of pushing agendas, but far too often Pelosi acts more like a one-woman show than she does a leader, acting against the interests of her party in order to accomplish her own goals.


This has naturally rubbed too many Democrats the wrong way, and now there are rumblings within the Democratic party to see her replaced as House Minority Leader, according to Politico.

One hill that Democrats would rather not die on is fighting the GOP tax cuts that have benefited so many people in the working class. However, Pelosi keeps charging up that hill with gusto. This has naturally angered a few Democrats who think Pelosi’s use of the word “crumbs” makes her, and thus them, seem out of touch:

“I would not use crumbs personally, and I think a lot of Blue Dogs would not use crumbs,” Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar told Politico.

“Language is important, and we have to be very careful that we don’t insult people by saying that the amount of money they get is crumbs,” Democratic Missouri Rep. EmmanuelCleaver told Politico.

According to the Daily Caller, these two aren’t the only ones put off by Pelosi’s gung-ho attempts at painting the GOP tax cuts as something to scoff at, and they hold some high positions:

Democratic New York Rep. Joe Crowley, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, indicated that Pelosi’s remarks were counterproductive. “I think for people making $40,000 a year, any increase in their take-home is significant for them, and I don’t want to diminish that at all,” Crowley said last week.

“The approach has to be more big picture than personal, because you can’t tell people that are getting $200 a month more that that’s not good,” Democratic Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth told the Washington Examiner. “That’s big money for a lot of people.”

Yarmuth added, “I wouldn’t say a couple thousand dollars a year is ‘crumbs.’”

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, has also distanced himself from Pelosi’s talking point. “I would not describe it as crumbs,” Ellison told Business Insider. “The income inequality is so bad that if you could pick up 1,000 or 900 bucks, maybe it helps.”


Pelosi’s message that the GOP tax cuts were bad was unpopular from the beginning. The moment they passed, Pelosi was to lead a room filled with angry people with an angry speech for the media. It was supposed to be the sign that the GOP had really crossed the line, and the people were angry. Only hardly anybody showed, and Pelosi decided to abandon the rally, choosing not to be seen trying to get a meager crowd riled up. Her position wasn’t as popular as she thought.

Unable to take a hint, however, she continues to push the narrative that corporations are just handing “crumbs” to people, despite pay raises, benefits, and more jobs opening up on top of the bonuses.

Pelosi also angered her fellow Democrats early this month with her ill-fated floor speech in early February, with the intention of holding the spending caps vote hostage unless Speaker Paul Ryan gave Dreamers protections. Ryan didn’t so much blink in her direction and Pelosi backed down anyway. The stunt may have looked good for Pelosi in her own state, but for everyone else, it made them either look weak, or it made them look foolish. This resulted in some Democrats believing that Pelosi was just out for herself.

At this moment, Pelosi is looking a lot like Julius Ceasar, and Democrats are looking a lot like Brutus and his cohorts. The position of House Minority Leader might soon be taken from her at the hands of the very people she’s leading.


From the Daily Caller:

“Great leaders know when it’s time to step aside, and I obviously have been calling for her leadership team to step aside,” Democratic New York Rep. Kathleen Rice told The Atlantic in an interview last week. “I think it would be advantageous to us if that were made clear before the election.”

Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, a consistent Pelosi critic, echoed Rice’s comments to Yhe Atlantic. Moulton called it “the harsh reality of 2018” that Pelosi will hurt Democrats in the midterms if she remains atop the party. “It’s going to be harder to win in 2018 if we don’t have new leadership,” he said.


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