Jimmy Kimmel's Emotionally Driven Gun Control Tirade Actually Promotes Ignorance and More Death

Jimmy Kimmel once again rolled over into ridiculous activism during his nightly advocacy hour in order to push the narrative that if you don’t want to push gun control measures then you must be “mentally ill.”


Kimmel stood high on his soapbox in order to, once again, give a tear-filled monologue about the problems with gun violence in this country. The host directed his anger at Trump, threw tired talking points at the President, and said he should “tell these congressmen and lobbyists who infest that swamp you said you were going to drain, force these allegedly Christian men and women who stuff their pockets with money from the NRA year after year after year, to do something now. Not later. Now.”

I won’t bore you with all of what Kimmel said. You can easily go on Twitter, find anti-gun keyboard warriors and see them saying the same thing, including Kimmel’s choked up “children are dying” routine. Their deaths are a tragedy to be sure, but pushing agendas while standing on their bodies is disgusting in itself, and unhelpful as I’ll discuss in a moment.

Side note: I find it interesting that when Glenn Beck cried on television, the media laughed at him, yet Kimmel does it and we’re all supposed to be cloth renderingly sympathetic?

But Kimmel finished his rant by saying that if Trump didn’t want to take gun control measures, then he’s as “mentally ill” as he is racist.

“I agree, this is a mental illness issue because if you don’t think you we need to do something about it, you’re obviously mentally ill,” Kimmel continued. “If one illegal immigrant causes a car accident, we’ve got to build a wall to keep the rest of them out. Why are you looking for solutions to that problem and not this one?”


First off, the NRA is not the all-controlling dark lord of the Republican party that Kimmel and the left think it is, but I’ll let Ben Shapiro tell you all about that.

My concern is that Kimmel’s emotion-driven ignorance is infectious, and will push a desire within this nation that will not only never come true, but will get more people killed.

For one, Kimmel is basing his argument that Trump may never do anything about guns because the race of the killer was not white. Kimmel has now made this racial, which is the lowest part of reasoning on the leftist totem pole. The racial argument is often used by the left after a shooting of this nature to dismiss or eclipse the idea that this was caused by mental illness. In fact, in many circles, they consider the words “mentally ill” to be code for “white shooter.” If you don’t believe me, check out the responses to this tweet I posted about the Broward County Superintendent mentioning the shooter’s mental illness.

But mental illness is a very real problem we need to look into. The gun is not the alpha omega of gun violence, just like the knife isn’t the reason behind someone being stabbed. Pointing the finger at the gun for gun violence is like saying the “sky is blue because it is.” There’s reasoning behind the phenomenon you see.


But Kimmel is just promoting the idea that we restrict guns, if not fully eliminate them. I’ve already explained why getting rid of guns in America is a pipe dream thanks to a hundred-years-plus of guns being ingrained into our very culture, which makes his promotion of the idea akin to giving people an impossible goal to work toward, much like trying to get across town on a treadmill. You can do all the running you want, but you’ll get nowhere.

The more realistic approach is to promote education and training. Not blind fear which causes solutionless ignorance. Instead of creating gun free zones which have been proven statistically to be overwhelming deadly, why not staff schools with armed guards consisting of off-duty police or former military? We put guards inside all kinds of government buildings, however, we won’t put them inside state-run buildings that contain our children? That makes absolutely no sense.

We have fire drills despite life-threatening fires being incredibly rare, yet we have no plans in place in the event of an active shooter, a circumstance currently on the rise? Why not look to Israel, a country surrounded by enemies, who has had the solution on how to deal with school shooters for the past 40 years?

All of these things promote the acceptance of reality, that guns in America are not going away. That a gun will be used nefariously is a situation that will sometimes happen regardless of the laws we put in place. What’s more, these solutions have been proven to make people safer. If you don’t want any more dead children, then the solutions are right in front of us.


For all of Kimmel’s tear-soaked ranting, he is not pushing for this. He is pushing for fear and ignorance while pushing for solutions that just won’t happen. If he really wants to stop these murders, then he would be wise to put his emotions away, dry his eyes, and begin promoting solutions that work.

Until then, Kimmel needs to be taken about as seriously as his tears should.


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