Jake Tapper Reminds Everyone (Including His Own Network) That North Korea's Leadership Is Evil

CNN’s Jake Tapper might be the only host at CNN that doesn’t regularly indulge in complete asininity, and he certainly has (wisely) taken a different path than his own network has in regards to its praise of North Korea’s dictatorial family.


The mainstream media’s current obsession with doing anything to stick it to President Donald Trump will sometimes spill over into the unforgivable category, and its current idea is to praise North Korea’s Kim family, specifically Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong. CNN itself wrote a glowing puff piece on the Kim sister, saying that she would “win gold” if the Olympics had a “Diplomatic Dance” category.

“With a smile, a handshake and a warm message in South Korea’s presidential guest book, Kim Yo Jong has struck a chord with the public just one day into the PyeongChang Games,” wrote CNN.

The praise being heaped on the Kim family by the mainstream media was far too much for America, who immediately lambasted media outlets, including the Washington Post (they called her the Ivanka Trump of North Korea) and CNN for their praise of the family who is responsible for starving North Korea’s own people, and human rights violations ranging from torture to rape of their own soldiers.

The love-fest was even too much for BuzzFeed of all places, who asked if the media outlets praising the Kim sister were out of their minds.

But of all the voices to speak up against the media’s glorification of the Kim family, Jake Tapper’s was probably the most noticeable, as his denunciation came from within the belly of the beast currently suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“If you hate US leaders more than you hate the Kim Jong-un regime, you really need to read up on North Korea,” wrote Tapper, who then linked to a few pages that describe how awful the country is.


While I don’t always see eye to eye with Tapper, this is one of his shining moments where he reminds everyone that he can easily step outside the bubble the mainstream media has placed itself into, and speak with common sense. In truth, it’s an absolute wonder that the media is so blind to its own anti-Trump prejudices that it resorts to praising cruel dictatorial families who treat their people so awfully that it’s difficult to believe some of the horror stories that emerge.

That this tweet from Jake Tapper is even worthy of mentioning is proof as to how bad it’s gotten. In either case, I’m happy that there is someone in the media with a lick of sense.


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