Jim Acosta Beclowns CNN Once Again

If CNN were to be 100 percent honest with itself and the world, it would admit that it has a massive bias against President Donald Trump. Even if they won’t admit it or flat out deny it as Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes did, they prove it daily with the amount of slanted reporting they do.

But if CNN’s bias isn’t bad enough, their methods of reporting become far worse, and this is sometimes best represented in White House reporter Jim Acosta. Normally when a president labels someone in particular “fake news,” it would be an eye-roll-worthy event. In Acosta’s case, however, the term is often accurate.

Acosta sometimes acts less like a reporter, and more like a pundit within the White House press corps. He tends to inject his opinion into his reporting, and squabbles with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders over what he thinks are hard questions but are really just partisan talking points.

For instance, Acosta was kicked out of the oval office while Trump was answering questions about immigration. Acosta asked if Trump wanted people to immigrate to America from Norway.

“I want them to come from everywhere,” answered Trump.

Then Acosta asked the very pointed questions of “just Caucasian or white countries, sir? Or do you want people to come in from other parts of the world, people of color.”

The question was unnecessary and loaded, with the intention of painting Trump with a racist brush. It was less of a question from Acosta, and more of a statement disguised as trying to get the answers.

Acosta seems to like these kinds of “questions,” and recently asked another as Trump was saying the Davos talks were a success on Friday.

“Mr. President, can you be America first but also be rubbing elbows with all these bigwigs?” asked Acosta

Acosta didn’t ask Trump to give details on what his next step was, or any economic questions at all. Instead, Acosta decided to ask another pointed question, not in hopes that he’d get an answer, but with the aim of being heard or seen asking the question itself.

To quote Bryce Harper, “that’s a clown question, bro.”

If Acosta’s job is to get the story about Trump’s aims or intentions, he’s failing miserably, and CNN should reconsider Acosta’s travel budget, or send someone who will actually try to get a story, and not be the story. They need to send a reporter. Right now, they don’t have one.

Acosta asking loaded questions is not getting and reporting the news, it’s activism.

And that’s why CNN’s name has fallen into the gutter. It’s why it’s last in the cable news race. Its unadmitted slant makes it looks less like a trustworthy news channel, and more a place where activists try to get one over on Trump. More and more, it’s less and less of a news channel, and just someplace where people are really mad at Trump and talk about it for hours.

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