Suzanne Somers Acknowledges She's Committing Career Suicide, but Openly Praises Trump Anyway

Actress Suzanne Somers is best known for her work on the 90’s television sitcom Step by Step and 70’s-80’s sitcom Three’s Company, and while she hasn’t had a gig since 2001, Somers says she’s only now made sure she’ll never get acting work again by admitting that she’s happy with the way President Donald Trump is doing things.


Asked by TMZ if she’s happy with the government shutdown, Somers responded that she Washington needs to “get it all together,” and agreeing with husband Alan Hamel who said the government needed to be shut down permanently.

But then Somers was asked what is considered by many to be a career-killing question if not answered correctly, but Somers had no problem being honest. She was asked how Trump is doing, and she gladly admitted she was happy with him and his effects on the economy.

“And now my career is over!” laughed Somers.

While it is nice to see a familiar face in Hollywood openly reject the leftist narrative, the fact that Somers declared support for Trump isn’t the real story here.

The real story is the fact that Somers acknowledged the fact that by rejecting the LA’s marching orders, she was giving us another peek inside the Hollywood ideological bubble. Somers essentially told us that Conservatism in Hollywood is taboo.


We already know that Hollywood is a cesspool of leftist narratives and ideological drives, and that should you openly declare yourself a Republican, unless you’re a hot ticket item, you’re likely not going to get work. This is a sad thing, seeing as how Hollywood is one of the biggest cultural influencers on the planet.

It’s a shame that the left has to have such a monopoly on creativity when it comes to one of the biggest stages in the world. More people should have the bravery to openly reject leftist narratives in Hollywood.


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