Somebody Is Putting Up Fake but Realistic Road Signs in California That Perfectly Convey a Sad Truth

If you’ve got one of the highest numbers of gang-related activity in the nation, with their ranks being added to by the boatload on the daily, then you might be California.


Between the high taxes, gang activity, increases in illegal immigrants, ridiculous laws, and ideological intolerance that California politicians seem to be all in for, California is becoming a state many would rather avoid going to.

And to make sure they get the message that the state of California is becoming a leftist hell, someone crafted some signs to put below the welcome signs at California’s border. They tell an awful truth about California, but what’s more, is that they look absolutely real.


California Democrats have been overtly welcoming to illegal immigrants. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi once called illegal immigrants her “constituency.” This has caused a good deal of problems, among them is the fact that the higher crime rates have inspired a migration of its own, and people have begun fleeing California in droves for the greener grasses of red states. This, in turn, leaves fewer taxpayers to foot the bill that Democrats have racked up.


And that’s what happens in sanctuary states.

So the signs are highly accurate, and the best example of constructive vandalism you’ll see this month. I say this month because I have a feeling that this could become a trend if this story spreads widely enough.

(h/t: Right Scoop)


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