Watch: Ted Cruz Schools Mark Hamill About Net Neutrality and the Way of the Jedi AGAIN

Mark Hamill might be a favorite on screen hero of ours, but he goofed — as too many celebrities do — when his mouth outpaced his knowledge, and he lashed out against FCC chairman Ajit Pai over Net Neutrality. This caused Texas Senator Ted Cruz to activate his lightsaber for a duel with Hamill over the subject, and a quick lesson about how anger leads to the dark side.


Hamill didn’t argue with facts, but instead resorted to ad hominem attacks on Cruz about watching porn, and misspelling his name. Ted kept his cool and responded again with facts, to which Hamill did not respond to.

But days later, Cruz still isn’t done teaching Mark Hamill the ways of the force…or facts.

TMZ caught up with Ted Cruz to ask him about his duel with the Jedi master.

“Mark Hamill likes to engage in political commentary, but he doesn’t really like facts,” said Cruz to an oddly breathless interviewer. “He was attacking the FCC Chairman. I thought that was kind of silly. I responded to him with facts. His response to that was insults and attacks, and no actual facts.”

Cruz continued by pointing out that Net Neutrality was a government regulatory entity that he would rather not have exist, and seeing how well government runs everything else, many of us are inclined to agree.


The Texas senator also took a swipe at Hollywood’s protective ideological bubble, and reminded Hamill of some advice his old master once gave him.

“Net Neutrality is all about if you want the government in charge of the Internet,” said Cruz. “My answer is no. I suppose in Hollywood that works, just to scream and insult at someone. That’s what Luke Skywalker’s response was. But as I responded on Twitter, Yoda told him, “Anger and fear, that’s the path to the dark side.”

(h/t: Steven Crowder)


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