Watch: Paul Ryan Gave KILLER Speech Ahead of Tax Vote

“Today we give the people their money back!” exclaimed Paul Ryan on the House floor.

I’m not sure anyone is more excited about this tax bill passing than Paul Ryan. This is something that he and his colleagues have been trying to pass for years on end, after all. The way he’s talking, it’s hard not to get excited yourself.


“This is their money after all!” he continued to applause.

Ryan continued by noting that our broken tax code is holding America back from the exceptionalism it’s capable of, and notes that it’s tying entrepreneurs’ hands behind their backs. Ryan acknowledged that job growth won’t solve every problem, but it will help make these problems easier.

Ryan then took shots at previous Washington bureaucrats who convinced Americans to give up their freedoms and cash, and somehow it will be okay. Ryan threw that idea away as junk. He said this has caused our economy to stagnate, and that this gives way to a class based society that predetermines how our lives will go.

“That is not the American idea!” said Ryan who called this kind of bureaucratic driven economy a “scam.”

Ryan continued by noting that our tax system has punished our businesses, driving jobs overseas. Ryan said that our tax code has made us the worst in the industrialized world, causing job loss and economic stagnation. This tax code change is the “single most important thing we can do” to make America a leader again.


Ryan also mentions the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, as well as the development of a small piece of land in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge that will boost America’s energy independence.

Paul finishes by saying that optimism must drive the future, not fear. He encouraged a recapturing of America’s destiny, a prosperous and free nation.

“Pass-this-bill-I-yield,” he finished to cheers.


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