Sex-Ed Teacher Causes Meltdown After Giving Students Lesson on the Importance of Virginity

A sex-ed instructor apparently went too far over the line when she gave some high school students a demonstration about how virginity is important and worth saving.


The Baldwinsville school district in New York will no longer allow a guest instructor from New Hope Family Services to teach kids about sex education. The New Hope Family Services business is “an anti-abortion, pregnancy resource center and adoption agency that also provides an abstinence education program,” according to

In an audio recording that caught the lesson, the instructor tells one student that she believes he is the one, and hands him a gift that she says she’s never given to anyone. The gift was a stick of gum, which the student took and began to chew.

However, the instructor then picked out a different student, and realized he was the one. The instructor asked for her gum back, which had already been chewed, and handed it to the other student.

The instructor made the point that the gum was like virginity, and you can really only give it away once.

“We’re not saying that sex is like chewing gum or that someone who has sex is like a piece of chewed gum,” said the instructor. “We’re just saying that as casually as I just treated this is how some people treat sex. And, you know what? It really is a big deal, and truly, you can only give your virginity away once.”

A solid lesson, but not one that one mother took kindly to.

Gina Tonello, a mother of one of the students, felt the lesson was “harmful to students and their well being” according to

“These lessons are not only dated, but biased and harmful to students and their sense of well-being,” said Tonello, who has two children in the district — an eighth grader and a senior.

She believes New Hope delivers shame-based lessons about premarital sex to high school students. She worries that implications from the lesson will negatively affect all students, especially victims of sexual assaults and members of the LGBTQ community.

“They shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed or guilty,” Tonello said. “If you lose your virginity you’re not a chewed piece of gum.”

Tonello obviously missed the point of the lesson, but she went so far as to create a website called “,” where she launched a campaign to see to it that kids are never taught “shamed-based sex education” again.

“Shame-based sex education shuts down discussions of sexual violence, consent, healthy sexuality and safe sex before they can even start, while planting the little seeds that reinforce gender stereotypes about female passivity and male aggressiveness,” Tonello wrote on her site. “In other words, teaching that men can treat women without respect — like a chewed piece of gum.”


Again, not what the instructor was saying, but something tells me that the truth was never Tonello’s concern. Especially since she followed that up with language typically used by abortion advocates.

“I feel that our kids deserve, and they have a basic human right, to get complete and accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health,” she added.

What’s healthier than abstinence Tonello, unsurprisingly, did not say.

(h/t: Steven Crowder)


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