Elizabeth Warren Told Al Franken to Resign in Private Phone Call According to Aide

Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren privately called Al Franken and told him he should resign in the wake of more claims of sexual assault and harassment piling up according to one of Warren’s aides.


The Boston Globe reported on Wednesday that an anonymous aide said: “[Warren] thinks he should resign and had told him that privately.”

The aide did not elaborate further, according to The Globe.

Earlier Wednesday, accusations of sexual misconduct against Al Franken rolled in by the cart-load causing a cavalcade of female Democratic Senators to call for his resignation. These Senators included Sens. Gillibrand, Hirono, McCaskill, Hassan, Harris, and Murray to name a few. The only person missing from the list was Warren herself.

However, if the report is true, then Warren is among the Democrats calling for Franken’s resignation. The only question remains is why she did this privately, and not publicly like her colleagues.

Either way, as a result of his colleagues coming forward to call for him to step down, Franken announced that he would be making a statement on Thursday. Many believe at this point that he is indeed resigning.


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