Jake Tapper DEMOLISHED Feminists Attacking Him for Standing Up for Innocent Men

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear nice suits, work in the mainstream media, and hand feminists their behinds back to them when their sexism begins to shine through. That’s exactly what CNN’s Jake Tapper did on Tuesday night when some feminists decided to go after Tapper for simply supporting innocent men.


As the sexual misconduct allegations rage across politics and Hollywood, some feminists are more than ready to engage in a good ol’ fashioned witch hunt, even it means throwing some men under the bus who have done nothing wrong.

That’s what Emily Lindin signaled to the world when she took to Twitter and wrote that she’s “not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.”

Lindin has privatized her account due to the public lashing she received for her hate, but since the internet is forever, here is a photo of her tweet.

This deceleration of Lindin’s didn’t sit well with Tapper, who quoted her tweet and brought up one of the lessons we were all supposed to learn from To Kill a Mockingbird; prejudices should not lead to the innocent being punished.

Lindin, with a complete lack of self-awareness, told Tapper that he should be setting a better example of how to have a conversation on Twitter, completely dismissing the fact that she just condemned innocent men to losing their livelihoods for something they weren’t guilty of. She added that Tapper was deliberately taking her out of context.


Tapper quickly squashed that nonsense, repeated her reasoning back to her in her own words, and pointed out how her reasoning was incredibly flawed.

At this point, Lindin presumably fled the conversation and privatized her account. That didn’t stop another feminist from tagging in, however, who accused Tapper of not speaking out in favor women.

Tapper blocked and countered the blow with a solid punch of his own.


While we often dog the mainstream media for its misreporting and ridiculous stances when it comes to certain issues, it’s also important that we give figures within it credit when it’s due.

Tapper and I may have our disagreements — he unfollowed me after my video mocking CNN for threatening to blackmail a civilian — but I respect him a lot more than many in the media. From what I understand, it’s not easy for many who work in the mainstream to go against the social grain, and Tapper standing up like that deserves a serious back pat.




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