Trump Foreign Policy Aide: I "Probably" Talked About Russia with Papadopoulos

Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aide, and foreign policy advisor said he may have discussed Russia with his fellow foreign policy advisor aide George Papadopoulos. The same Papadopoulos that pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts.


Page sat down with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Monday’s All In, and admitted to meeting Papadopoulos and “probably” participating in “a few” of the email chains with him.

“It may have come up from time to time, again, you know, there’s nothing major,” said Page on Russia being discussed within the emails.

That Russia was discussed by Papadopoulos we already know. Papadopoulos billed himself as a guy who could hook Trump up with Putin for some campaign help, but the idea was shot down by none other than now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Regardless, Trump mentioned both Papadopoulos and Page by name as being part of a group who was crafting his view of foreign policy during an interview with the Washington Post.

Page himself has come under fire for taking a past trip to Russia during the 2016 campaign, though he denies that the trip had anything to do with the campaign itself.


According to The Hill, during the interview Page also squashed rumors that he anonymously attended a meeting that was mentioned in the charges.

“I don’t think so,” Page said about being one of the people at the meeting. “I definitely was not, I’m sure on that that I wasn’t.”

The former aide also noted that he did not bring legal representation with him when he was questioned by congressional investigators.

“Papadopolous has been cooperating since July; I’ve been cooperating since March. I want to get the truth out there,” Page added.


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