Clinton Foundation Announces It Will Keep Weinstein Money

The Clinton Foundation announced that it will be keeping the hundreds of thousands of dollars given to it by Harvey Weinstein. According to the Washington Times, the Clinton Foundation gave a statement that said the money is being used to help various causes.


“We are a charity. Donations, these included, have been spent fighting childhood obesity and HIV/AIDS, combatting climate change, and empowering girls and women, and we have no plans to return them,”

The Clinton Foundation lists Harvey Weinstein amongst a list of donors that contribute $100,001-$250,000.

Hillary Clinton told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Wednesday that she would be doing what everyone else is doing, and using the money to accomplish charitable ends.

“What other people are saying, what my former colleagues are saying, is they’re going to donate it to charity, and of course I will do that,” said Clinton. “I give 10 percent of my income to charity every year, this will be part of that. There’s no doubt about it.”

Truth be told, I have no problem with keeping money given to you by disgraceful sources, then turning around and using it for charitable reasons. I encouraged as much when I told Christian bakers that they should — if forced — bake cakes for Satanists, then turn around and donate the money to the church.

But in Clinton’s case, I don’t trust the foundation or the people behind it. The Clinton Foundation is so rife with shadiness and oddly large personal gains for its namesake that it would be a safe bet that the Weinstein money would be used more for the Clintons than it would for their benefactors.


As RedState’s Dan Spencer wrote:

Between 2001 and 2006, the Clintons put about $6 million into the foundation. The Clintons took a tax write-off for that money even though the foundation only gave away gave away about $2.5 million to other charities. The foundation was kept off of Hillary’s Senate disclosure forms for six years even though she was required to do so by the Ethics in Government Act.

So while the Clinton Foundation makes it seem like keeping the cash is for reasons entirely noble, it’s hard to believe that coming from a foundation divorced from nobility.


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