Watch: A Clearly Bothered Rand Paul Won't Even Look at Trump During Bill Signing

Throughout the healthcare debate, President Donald Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) have publicly maintained a respective friendship despite the fact that they’ve been ideologically enemies during the Republican push to replace Obamacare.


Of course, this relationship began to destabilize in September over the Graham-Cassidy bill, which Paul had outright refused to support. This caused Trump to publicly tweet out about how Paul, despite being a friend, is a negative force when it comes to restructuring healthcare. Paul fired back on Twitter, saying he wouldn’t be bullied into supporting the bill.

Through it all, however, Paul and Trump seemed to be working together on a project to make our healthcare system more of a free market friendly ordeal. Paul wanted to allow Americans to be able to purchase healthcare across state lines, allowing them to form groups that insurance companies could then compete over. This would result in more choice, and lower cost.

According to Paul, Trump was 100 percent on board with this, and announced that Trump was ready to move his pen on something big in that regard.

Flash forward to Thursday, and the foretold event happened. Trump signed an executive order that put Paul’s plan into motion, and hopefully changing the healthcare landscape for the better.

Yet, what should be a joyous occasion for the Kentucky senator and Trump didn’t come off at all as such. In a video captured by C-SPAN, as Trump enters the room, Paul seems bothered. He turns his back to Trump, and refuses to look him in the eye. No handshake occurs between the two men.


It was definitely one of the more awkward moments Trump has had with people he’s worked with. Definitely more awkward than the James Comey handshake.

Perhaps this isn’t anything, and we shouldn’t read too much into it, but it’s hard not to. Paul clearly looks bothered, going from animated in conversation one moment, to completely closed off the moment Trump enters the room.

It raises questions about the true nature of the relationship between Trump and Paul.


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