More NFL Fallout: Ratings Plummet by Double Digits for Monday Night Football

This hits just keep on coming for the NFL, but the views sure aren’t.

The NFL is continuing to see a steady decline in ratings, with each game bringing with it a new disappointing number.


According to Deadline, Monday Night’s Football game had everything from the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, storm troopers walking around on the field, and a nail biter of an ending, but it still couldn’t stop the falling ratings currently experienced by the NFL.

Deadline reported that the force was so not with last night’s game between the Bears and the Vikings that it experienced a whopping 17 percent drop in the ratings compared to last week.

From Deadline:

Snaring a 7.0 in metered market results, last night’s MNF was down double digits from last week’s Kansas Chiefs’ 29-20 victory over the Washington Redskins. Down 17% in the ratings, that’s actually a regular game season low for the ESPN broadcast game and matches the MM result of the second game of the doubleheader MNF opener on September 11.

The Daily Wire pointed out that while the ratings could be attributed to the fact that the teams weren’t the most exciting of matchups, slacking approval numbers point to the fact that no one wants to watch political football.


A Winston Group survey published over the weekend found that the league’s favorability among core fans (males ages 34-54) collapsed 31% from the end of August to the end of September. Among that key group, the league’s favorability fell to just 42% from 73% over the span of a few weeks following #TakeTheKnee Sunday. Among all male fans, the NFL’s favorables fell 23%, from 68% to 45%.

The fact that politics are also hurting the NFL can be seen in the fact that DirecTV has begun issuing refunds to angry customers who purchased NFL ticket packages from the network. DirecTV typically does not issue refunds after the season had begun, but made an exception for this season due to the nature of the protests.


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