This Democrat's New Campaign Ad Really Brings the Cringe

At some point in time, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 10th District, Dan Helmer, sat down in a room full of people to devise a campaign ad that really showed how fun and edgy he was for a politician.


What came of this meeting was an ad so cringe-worthy that I’m actually impressed with it. It’s like watching Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” but if Rebecca Black was running for a party already facing publicity troubles.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, because the video speaks for itself, but in store for you are Top Gun references, sweet guitar riffs, bad karaoke singing, lyric butchering, and a Democrat on a motorcycle.


Helmer’s attempt to come off like Maverick ends more like Goose.

Then again, if the video was made solely with the intent to get people to talk about Helmer, then he hit the target, and has no doubt done Tom Cruise, slow-motion volleyball players, and Scientologists everywhere proud. I really felt like I was really taken into the Helmer Zone, and came out of it changed by coolness that only someone wearing aviators on a motorcycle possesses.



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