Watch: Floyd Mayweather Bashes the Leftist Victim Mentality

You might have cheered for his opponent Connor McGreggor during their fight, but many will be cheering on undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather as he drops some very real life wisdom on the world during a radio interview published Monday.


Mayweather argued like he boxes, keeping the pressure on as he delivered one hit after another about things like the state of the world’s sensationalism over Trump, people’s self-victimization, and even ungrateful illegal immigrants. He even TKO’d the interview as one woman attempted to bring up his “blessed life” and he quashed it by talking about how he started from the very bottom and worked his way to where he is now through hard work.

While Mayweather tackled various subjects, the theme throughout his rant was that so many people focus on what others are doing and how to stop them, while not focusing on improving themselves.

“One thing that we all know that we got to do. One thing we know that’s gonna happen for sure, we’re gonna pay taxes and we’re gonna die. But while we’re here, live life to the fullest. Stop worrying about everybody else is doing,” said Mayweather.

“So at the end of the day, I don’t know why everybody keeps bitching about, and keeps picketing, and holding, they walking, “We don’t want!”; protesting, “We don’t want this happening!” My man, all that time you spend protesting, you kcould be at home writing down ideas, coming up with a business,” Mayweather later added.


Mayweather sees America, not as a place that creates victims, but as a country that affords opportunities like no other. The boxer asserts that in order to best take advantage of these opportunities, people should stop concerning themselves with the business of others.

“A lot of times, we spend too much time worrying and talking about everybody’s business instead of worrying about our own,” said Mayweather.

(h/t: DailyWire)


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