South Park Is Returning, and Their First Target Is Tiki Torch Bearing White Supremacists

When the world gets crazy, South Park usually makes good sense of it through its satirical wit and no holds barred comedy, and South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have a lot to talk about for their 21st season.


And first up on the chopping block is the tiki torch carrying, Confederate flag waving mob seen in Charlotesville according to the trailer for the first episode titled “White People Renovating Houses.”

“Protestors armed with tiki torches and confederate flags take to the streets of South Park. Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today’s society,” reads the episode’s description.

A screenshot of the first episode was leaked by none other than country music star Brad Paisley.

It’s safe to say that judging from the trailer, political commentary will absolutely not be off the table, despite the fact that Stone and Parker said they’d be trying to stay away from too much Trump commentary in the coming season.

While Trump’s South Park counterpart, Mr. Garrison, will no doubt be making appearances, Stone and Parker — both open libertarians — believed that they would just become just like other media outlets with all the lampooning they would be doing of a guy who is already something close to a cartoon character.


“We fell into the same trap that ‘Saturday Night Live’ fell into, where it was like, Dude, we’re just becoming CNN now. We’re becoming: ‘Tune in to see what we’re going to say about Trump.’ Matt and I hated it but we got stuck in it somehow,” Parker told the LA Times in June.

“We probably could put up billboards — “Look what we’re going to do to Trump next week!” — and get crazy ratings. But I just don’t care,” added Parker.

Regardless of their decision to lay off Trump, between neo-Nazis, Antifa, hurricanes, Google censorship, etc, South Park is in a target-rich environment, and millions can’t wait to see what kind of damage they once again do to the people who take themselves way to seriously.


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