WATCH: The Top 10 Bits of Information About Hillary and the Democrats We've Gotten From WikiLeaks

I’ve started so many articles with “According to the emails released from WikiLeaks” lately, it’s hard to keep track of the number. In fact, I’ve probably forgotten more of the content of the leaked emails than I remember, there’s so much.


Thankfully, Steven Crowder has come to the rescue with an easy to watch, easy to recall video that details the top 10 emails released by WikiLeaks. As usual, Crowder details the list with his brand of casual humor, and easy to follow format.

Now, while there are a lot more emails and damning evidence than these 10, these are the ones that really put Democrats, and the Hillary campaign in a very negative light. From Podesta wishing the San Bernardino shooter was white, to journalists colluding with the Clinton campaign, to Clinton knowingly deleting her emails illegally. These 10 pretty much confirm every suspicion, and validate every concern people had about the Clinton campaign, and the Democrat political machine.

Watch below.


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