Leonardo DiCaprio Turns His Insufferable Environmentalism Up to 11 With New Captain Planet Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio Turns His Insufferable Environmentalism Up to 11 With New Captain Planet Movie

Remember Captain Planet? Back in the 90’s it was a cartoon aimed at kids to promote environmentalism, and underhandedly denounce capitalism. It was pretty much the enviro-church’s indoctrination fantasy, complete with an Earth spirit sending the power of change to a diverse group of kids called “The Planeteers.” Together they can summon a blue guy in red spandex and a green mullet to make people stop by force. Then he’d disappear with a “the power is yours!”

It’s as lame as it sounds.

And now someone wants to bring that lameness back, and that somebody is the enviro-church’s latest superstar, Leonardo DiCaprio. The Hollywood Reporter says that talks are in the works with Paramount to resurrect the 90’s cartoon in order to make environmentalism cool to kids again, because apparently Al Gore hasn’t been as successful as some would have thought.

Paramount and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions are teaming to recruitCaptain Planet to take pollution down to zero.

The studio is in talks for the rights to the 1990s cartoon series, and is eyeing Jono Matt and Scream Queens star Glen Powell to write the script.

If the deal is made, Jennifer Davisson Killoran and DiCaprio will produce the project via Appian Way, which signed a first-look deal with Paramount in March, along with Powell.

What makes this so bad is that despite how awful the cartoon was, if this movie gets off the ground, the media is going to fly into a frenzy to support it. This will mean a fresh wave of enviro-nonsense, alarmism, and misinformation will be spread amongst the populace that will further muddy the waters of actual conversation about climate change. The flick will be lauded as “brave,” and promoted as something that every parent needs to take their kid to see. It will win all sorts of awards, and schools will go out of their way to play it in classrooms.

In other words, kids will grow up thinking a lot of the things environmentalists have been panicking about are true. That ice caps really are melting, polar bears are dying, and unless we all start driving hybrids, and allowing the EPA to dictate private business, we’re all going to die the day after tomorrow.

What’s more, this will all be done done and promoted by people who couldn’t be bothered to practice what they preach for more 24 hours. DiCaprio himself may be one of the largest hypocrites preaching. As one of my followers pointed out, DiCaprio is anything but enviro-friendly.

I couldn’t have put it better myself. This is a constant pattern with those who bang the drum circle of near pagan religious devotion to the cause with their mouths, then turn around and live like one of the bad guys in a Captain Planet cartoon.

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