Crashing a College Socialist Protest Shows Just How Fragile and Ignorant SJWs Actually Are

A social justice warrior is the poster child for those in the “useful idiot” category. Those who subscribe to the ideologies of social justice are oftentimes the most ignorant, uneducated, and all around useless people currently walking the Earth.


This can be best demonstrated best by witnessing any event where they turn out in force. There is no conversation, or very little in terms of exchanging of ideas. What there is, is a lot of posturing, virtue signaling, as well as a lot of accusatory language, unacknowledged racism, and yelling…lot’s of yelling.

There are a myriad of examples, but a recent one occurred at the University of Kansas, when a Young Americans for Freedom group was mobbed suddenly by hostile SJWs.

All this anger is a product of their insecurity, and inability to think for themselves. They cling to group think like the last bit of flotsam from a sinking ship. They become so clingy, in fact, that the mentality becomes nearly cult-like, and whatever their told – so long as it fits in with the vogue of the moment – is taken as gospel. Due to this, they are all too easily lead by the nose for whatever purpose by those who know how to seize the reigns.

If you want proof, then watch Steven Crowder’s newest video, where he goes undercover to a college socialist, SJW protest. During the video, he shows up thinking he might learn something about their points of view, but is instead treated to flash mob rehearsals, sign making, discussions about where you can find the latest chants, sidewalk chalking.


Very little of it had to do with socialism, and a lot of it had to do with the act of just being a social justice warrior. They didn’t really have any aims, with the exception of protesting whatever on behalf of a union – whose officials never bothered to show up – and standing in front of a bus – but not for too long, that would cause trouble.

Crowder even gets to know two of the SJWs well, and learns that even they consider themselves useless.

The video is about 20 minutes long, but well worth the watch. It’s very eye opening to say the least.


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