1990's Kenyan Video Surfaces of Obama Complaining About White People, Refusing to Tour With Them

1990's Kenyan Video Surfaces of Obama Complaining About White People, Refusing to Tour With Them

This morning, a video surfaced that shows a small documentary shot by Obama’s sister, about Barack Obama’s first trip to Kenya. A young Obama and his then fiancé Michelle, showed up to visit his family in Africa, where he was shown their village, and learned more about the country and the people.

The video is titled “A Journey In Black and White,” and is narrated by Obama’s sister, Auma, narrates over the activities Barack engaged in while he was there.

For the most part, it seems rather lighthearted, with Barack speaking about his father, meeting his grandmother, and experiencing the culture. However, things get very racial, especially on the part of Barack.

Around the 14 minute mark, Obama begins to lament the fact that white people are prevalent in Kenya, and that their privilege entitles them to a better life in a place where black people should come first. His sister comments that “these strangers,” referring to whites and Asians, move about the country with “disturbing confidence.”

During this, she seems saddened by the tourism trade, and how the African people exhibit themselves for these people. She states that Barack refused to go on this tour on that day. Barack weighs in later.

“It makes me frustrated to see that blacks in Kenya don’t have more confidence in the possibility of shaping their own fate, and their own destiny,” said Obama.

“I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior in this country,” he continued. “In some sense that if you sit a restaurant, they’re served before a Kenyan is served. If you go through customs, a white person is going to have an easier time going through customs.”

His sister later takes him to a place to show him that blacks are trying to make their own way in the country, including taking him to a mechanic that can’t afford the expensive equipment necessary for car repairs, and so utilizes inexpensive and creative methods for repairing the cars. Afterward, Obama comments again.

“When I look at a place like Kenya, I think this is a land of great promise. And that the potential to a strong black country is here,” says Obama. “And I think if you can build a strong black country in Kenya, then that sends a message out throughout Africa, it sends a message to black Americans, it sends a message to blacks in the Caribbean.”

“So, I have a lot of stake in this.” he finishes.

Watch the video below.

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