"Super Trump" Ad to Debut In Times Square On the Heels of Hillary's Fainting Spell


As the speculations and ancillary editorials abound after Hillary passing out, and having to be carried into a van continues to dominate the headlines, Trump’s supporters are taking action to capitalize. Specifically, Roger Stone and his Committee to Restore America’s Greatness.


Stone spent a whopping $25,000 to have an ad made and placed on one of the billboards in New York City’s Times Square. The video depicts Trump’s head, on Super Man’s body while he flies through the air. Superman’s “S” has been replaced with a T.

The point was to highlight Trump’s health vs Clinton’s, or so the ad’s maker told the New York Post.

Conservative filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who produced the video, said the depiction of Trump contrasts with Clinton’s health woes.

“Donald Trump has the stamina to be president,” Gilbert said.

“You see Trump traveling the country on his airplane. He’s looking to solve people’s problems…It’s giving power back to the people. Who is more American than Superman?”

Watch the ad here.

Stone wasn’t the only one funding this, as he had some help from a San Diego figure.

San Diego tech mogul Dr. Robert Shillman, founder and chairman of Cognex Corp., donated funds for the Times Square campaign.

“When I was a kid, Superman was my idol because he stood for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, just like Donald Trump,” said Shillman.


“Truth, justice, and the American way” isn’t exactly how I’d define Trump’s campaign which has been wracked with lies, flip-flops, racism, and horrible music videos during its tenure as America’s most watched dumpster fire.

And now it has a really weird ad attached to it. Superb!


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