Convincing People That Men Can Have Periods Too Is One of the Dumbest Things SJWs Have Tried to Pull

There’s a certain level of ridiculousness that I’m willing to accept, but 2016 has managed to find all my lines. Not that I’m surprised about that. The social justice movement of 2016 has made it a habit to go above and beyond in finding the lines of sanity and realism, and crossing them as far as it can go.


The recent excursion into the ridiculous-taken-all-too-seriously came from the trans community. Outside of feminism itself, the trans community is likely the loudest, and most inane arm of the social justice movement. Their goal this time was to get more detailed than we would have liked about their personal lives, when the hashtag #IfMenHadPeriods debuted on Twitter.

The hashtag itself started when a feminist named Dr. Jennifer Gunter, and it soon caught on with people tweeting about how the world would look at periods differently if periods were the domain of men. Everything from “tampons and pads would be free,” to “men would get an entire week off from work” was thrown around on Twitter like a broken record. Buzzfeed, of course, couldn’t help but take the opportunity to flex its SocJus muscles and a woman, aptly named Flo, made a list of what the world would be like with masculine periods.

But it was all fun and games until the trans community showed up and wrecked the fun…at least for those obedient to social justice.

“Men DO get periods!” they proclaimed to one and all. “This hashtag is transphobic!”

Suddenly, things got serious. The top of the victim hierarchy was handing down the decree that this hashtag was problematic, and that it’s encouraging phobias and isms of every caliber. Soon articles were released toeing the narrative by outlets like Refinery 29, which stated…

…the hashtag ultimately doesn’t recognize that trans men are men — even without hormone replacement therapy. When feminism fails to be intersectional — and fails to be inclusive of marginalized groups like the trans community — it can become tone-deaf, excluding, and even transphobic. Surely there’s another way to call out menstruphobia without exercising cis privilege or alienating anyone.


“Menstruphobia!” Who knew that on top of all the “phobes” you could be pegged with, you could be menstruphobic too! Social justice warror-ism is just magical like that, though. You can victimize yourself with almost any subject, and all you need to do that is to create a villain who hates and fears you because you’re you!

The Daily Dot, however, won kowtower of the day when it lamented that the field of medicine – doctors, surgeons, and scientists who spend ungodly amounts of time and money becoming experts in their field – have yet to get with the social justice program and understand that biology takes a back seat to how you feel. Furthermore, it’s such a pain to train these already trained doctors on how to best diagnose and treat you, a person with no training at all!

Tampon companies don’t market to trans men, and the concept of the men’s pap smear hasn’t caught on among all gynecologists. As writer Mitch Kellaway explained in a 2015 Everyday Feminism article, even the idea of visiting an OB-GYN is terrifying to many transgender men.

If some trans men already get nervous about the idea of a stranger staring into their vagina, imagine how much more uncomfortable it can be to have to educate a trained medical doctor about how to treat your own body. As the co-founder of transgender health care app MyTransHealth told the Daily Dot last June, many trans people find that doctors simply don’t know what to do with their bodies and medical needs.


You probably reacted audibly to reading that. I know I did.

The pushback from the trans community was expansive, but in their pushback you notice where even they see a border of realism to the world they have constructed for themselves. The brutal truth, and one that SJWs and the trans community need to come to terms with is that men cannot have periods. The only kind of periods men experience is during football games, or the punctuation at the end of this sentence, but it’s biologically impossible otherwise.

A couple points, though.

For one, they need to come to terms with this fact for a reason Daily Dot highlighted. Transgendered people can ask any Joe and Jane to treat them as the sex they identify as all day. What they cannot do is ask a doctor to do that. That man or woman has to treat you with the realism that field demands. Doing otherwise could endanger your life, and his or her career.

You can make whatever rules for yourself you want. You can even try to get others to pretend along with you – or even try to impose it if you’re that villainous – but at some point in time you’re going to have to draw a line at how far you’re willing to take it before you start endangering yourself. Professionally, your doctor already has one, and it’s in your best interest to meet him or her at it.

Secondly, there’s no “phobia” here. People are not “phobic” in any way or form because they won’t accept that someone has a a uterine wall that completes cycles that allow for the process of pregnancy…and is a man. As I’ve stated before, transgenderism is a belief of the few that the media forces on the many. Belief in the scientifically proven, and biological fact is not phobia…it’s common sense. My identifying as an attack chopper doesn’t make me an AH-64 Apache that leaks oil once a week.


If you want to hold the beliefs of transgenderism, then be prepared to do that with a minority of people, and understand that you can’t blame everyone else for not coming along with you on the ride. Don’t get angry when those around you – and your body I might add – don’t line up with that belief.

And learn the definition of “phobia.”

You can hear me talk about this more in my YouTube video addressing the transgenderism issue.


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