Feel Good Video of the Day: Watch Colin Kaepernick Get Destroyed While the National Anthem Plays

Colin Kaepernick has been all over the news with his refusal to stand for the National Anthem, since there’s oppression in the US, and not everyone is living a perfect life. This kind of protest may look noble to anyone who is an idiot, but to everyone else, the protest looks more like whining than it does winning.

Some have theorized that Kaepernick is doing this, not because he actually feels like he should out of some misguided principle, but because his spotlight is quickly shrinking. Kaepernick, I’m told, is a mediocre football player who puts more energy into causes than he does into the game. So there’s a theory that his virtue signaling is nothing but him trying jump onto a social justice bandwagon.

But people aren’t buying it, and as it stands, the media can’t help defend him like they do Black Lives Matter rioters and criminals, even if they wanted to. The lesson here is that if you’re going to be a massive jerk, at least be a great athlete. Just ask LeBron James.

In any case, Kaepernick’s mediocre game results in him having some really bad moments that the website Heat Street captured, spliced together, and played the National Anthem over. If you’re sick of Kaepernick getting better plays in the media than he does on the field, this video really hits the spot.

Watching Kaepernick fail to the National Anthem after failing to stand up for it is just…just magical. Enjoy.
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