Ann Coulter Hilariously Foreshadowed Trump's Immigration Flip-Flop In Her Book

Ann Coulter is probably the hardest hit since Trump reversed his hardcore stance on immigration and adopted a much squishier version, the likes that he called Jeb Bush weak for touting.


Coulter herself is doing her level best to deal with the fallout. For one, she’s resigned her own stances on immigration and followed Trump into positions that Trump’s followers would call people “cuck” for having.

Hilariously, Coulter seemed to be aware of Trump’s flip-flop-ish nature when it came to his policy positions. As she explained in her book at the very beginning, Coulter was completely okay with that, and anything and everything that Trump needed to do to get elected would be forgivable.

Everything, that is, except flip-flop on immigration.

As you can see on page 3 in her book, “In Trump We Trust,” Coulter almost foreshadowed Trump’s sudden softening on her pet issue.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.33.49 PM

“Until the bleeding has stopped, there’s nothing Trump can do that won’t be forgiven. Except change his immigration policies,” writes Coulter in her brand new book.


This has essentially spoiled Coulter’s new book launch. Still, as said before, Coulter will do what needs to be done to support Trump, like any good branch-Trumpidian. This includes abandoning any semblance of principles.

Besides, she’s got a book to sell.


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