Planned Parenthood's Social Media Hypocrisy Is Off the Charts

Is Planned Parenthood even trying anymore? I ask, because their behavior as of late seems a bit unhinged.

Earlier Tuesday, Planned Parenthood tweeted out an article from the nation that somehow connected Mike Brown to abortion rights.


The article specified how the murder of black youth is a “reproductive justice issue.”

This is ironic coming from an organization like Planned Parenthood, who kills more black children everyday than any other cause. The abortion giant has a good deal to do with the daily average of 870 babies aborted everyday.

Planned Parenthood’s faux concern for children and babies begins and ends with how politically expedient it is to be concerned. For instance, the organization was suddenly outraged when Donald Trump kicked a baby out of his rally. Don’t get me wrong, I made fun of Trump for it too, but I’m not the one in the business of kicking babies out of wombs.

As some know, Planned Parenthood doesn’t have just one account. Like any good intersectional social justice entity, it puts on different masks for different subject. One of those that I came across recently was “Planned Parenthood Black Community.”

Thing is, @PPBlackComm isn’t so much focused on abortion, as it is driving forth the narrative that people like Michael Brown, Freddie Grey, and others were the victims of police brutality. What’s more, they’re threatening about it their stances. Their pinned tweet, as of this writing, is…


Even this account breaks from Planned Parenthood’s soft marketing slogan “Care. No matter what,” and replaces it with “Act. No matter what.” I’ll remind you that this is an official branch of Planned Parenthood’s social media tree, and it’s even retweeted by the Planned Parenthood main account from time to time as well.

And just like the main account, it makes everything a “reproductive justice” issue. The latest, insultingly, was the Orlando shooting.

And like a good soc-jus org, it refuses to place the blame the cause, and instead, promote sexism.

It’s fascinating watching Planned Parenthood unabashedly push two faces to the public at the same time. One that makes children a priority that should be protected at all costs, and the other which fights tooth and nail to kill them up to the point of birth. The hypocrisy is so obvious that it’s actually scary that more haven’t caught on. 


Let’s set the record straight. The Planned Parenthood on social media isn’t the real Planned Parenthood. Posts like this…

…are a mask for an organization that kills hundreds of thousands of children a year. It’s an organization that claims to care about the black community, then stokes tensions by demanding justice for thugs. 

The entire organization is beyond disgusting, from their tweets to their leader, Cecile Richards. What’s more, they aren’t even trying to hide their hypocrisy. They know that thanks to their exclusive partnership with Democrats, and army of activists and lawyers, they’ll get away with every lie. 



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