Gary Johnson Now Polling 15% Amongst Midwest States Says CNN Poll

According to CNN’s new July 29-31st poll, Gary Johnson’s popularity among the midwest states has increased.

Johnson is now polling at 15%, just about below half of the Republicans and Democrats, who are polling in at 37% and 39% respectively.


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While the Libertarian party still can’t top 10% in other parts of the nation, his 15% in the midwest is interesting because this part of the country is mostly comprised of swing states, where it’s anybody’s game to win or lose.

How this will effect Trump or Clinton in the long run is anyone’s guess. The Libertarian party is definitely bleeding votes from both parties. Reports vary on who Johnson is hurting more, but recent polls says he’s taking more votes from Clinton than he is Trump.

If this is true, then come election time, Johnson will be a major thorn in Clinton’s side as the Libertarian party saps her slim lead in these states.

Still, while we approach the end of election season, a lot can happen in this short amount of time. Johnson himself went from polling at 13% to 9% in a matter of weeks. However, there’s no telling where CNN’s polling will wind up after Wednesday’s Libertarian town hall.


It should be remember that Johnson is also – currently – appearing on ballots in 36 states, while the Green Party is not. Those who abandoned Hillary for this 3rd option, who can’t vote Green will likely either stay home, or vote for Johnson.

This proves again that while Johnson looks small fry nationally, he’s a bigger fish in statewide polling. The Republican and Democrats choice to ignore the Libertarians this election may cost it.



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