Planned Parenthood Uses Virtual Reality to Scare People Into Thinking Pro-Lifers are Awful People

Planned Parenthood Uses Virtual Reality to Scare People Into Thinking Pro-Lifers are Awful People

Virtual reality is the new frontier. Because of advancements into this realm of technology, we’re able to play more immersive video games, or put ourselves right into the middle of a video.

Or in Planned Parenthood’s case, it’s just a way to make you hate pro-lifers more.

Planned Parenthood action, the lobbying arm of the aforementioned abortion goliath, set up an experience for DNC attendees, where they don VR gear, and watch as they navigate their way into an abortion clinic as pr0-lifers scream obscenities, take aggressive actions, call attendees whores, and worst of all…quote Bible verses at them.

The video is called “Across the Line,” and the point of it is to give the viewer the experience of being a woman just trying to get an abortion, but having to deal with the fear and ridicule of pro-lifers.

The creator of the VR video, Nonny De La Penna – being hailed as the “Godmother of Virtual Reality – says this isn’t just a video, it’s “immersive journalism.”

But watching the videos, and hearing Penna – who for some reason, makes it racial by accusing white men of being the worst offenders – and others talk about it makes it sound more like propaganda than any kind of journalism. There are several videos, but the one question utilizes clips of audio from things protestors have actually said from various videos, and posts it as a blanket statement on the behavior of pro-lifers.

“This is actually what women face as they walk into these health centers,” said Dawn Leguens, executive producer of Across the Line. “And people are coming out of this experience, some of them in tears, many of them telling their own stories…”

As usual, Planned Parenthood, and those on the Across the Line project aren’t telling the whole truth. It should remembered that this is same organization that sipped wine as they joked about buying sports cars while making deals on baby parts. It’s the same organization that intimidates pro-life businesses by taking them to court when they don’t want to include abortifacients in their healthcare plan.

So while there have been instances of anti-abortionists getting ugly, Planned Parenthood is guilty of that and far more.

“I have also stood outside the Supreme Court and watched people from Planned Parenthood shout vile, nasty remarks at pro-lifers. I have literally felt unsafe around them,” Said Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America. “So, both sides have a story to tell. It’s never right to be unkind, but Planned Parenthood’s virtual reality has little or nothing to do with reality.”

While Planned Parenthood is famous for weak attempts at painting their opposition as horrible people, this production may be by far the weakest, and easiest to see through.

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