Rumors Circulate About Jeb Bush Endorsing Libertarian Gary Johnson

First it was Glenn Beck who said he’d likely take his vote away from the Republican party to give it to the Libertarians and now we have yet another doing the same.

Former Governor of Florida, and defeated candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Jeb Bush, has been flirting with the idea of getting behind the Johnson/Weld ticket for a bit now. Seeing as how his disdain for Trump would heavily effect his willingness to vote him into office, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to think he’d turn his attention to the next best thing.

According to Politico, Bush and Johnson have had conversations which, according to Johnson, were initiated by Bush himself.

“I can’t say that we haven’t had conversations, but no push on the conversations,” Johnson, who is in Cleveland observing the Republican National Convention, said on CNN. When asked who initiated the talks, he said “not me,” but he declined to elaborate, adding, “I want to protect the innocent here.”

While Jeb Bush may or may not bring many votes to the Libertarian ticket with an endorsement, the announcement will bring a lot of press, and attention to the Johnson/Weld campaign.

Earlier, we reported that Johnson’s “money comet,” a donation page set up for the Libertarian campaign, surpassed it’s $25,000 goal by over $125,000. As time progresses, more and more good news continues to saturate the Johnson/Weld campaign.

At this rate, the 15% approval rating Johnson needs to attain a spot on the debate stage is definitely going to be reached, with or without Bush’s help.