Anything But Islam: The Media Is Pulling Out All the Stops to Avoid the Word

We’ve reached peak political correctness.

There’s a laundry list of words the left has attempted to soften or mislead you on by rewiring our lexicon. Each attempt is designed specifically for media dissemination, in order to drive a narrative.

But the left hits a problem when it comes to the subject of Islam. It tried first to sell it as a “religion of peace,” but that that didn’t work out so well due to all the terrorism it caused. It attempted to label those terrorists as “lone wolves,” and say that this wasn’t representative of true Islam, but that fell through when those who practice continuously said “no, this is who we are and what we believe.”

A good example is this video:

Try as they might, they can’t seem to put square peg of Islam into the round hole of innocence. If the speeches from Islamists ruin the narrative, then the actions surely do.

One of the latest actions was the death of a Pakistani model by the name of Qandeel Baloch. Baloch was a social media star. She was married off at 17, left her husband a year later, and since then was outspoken about politics, and became a very controversial figure amongst her Islamic countrymen.

One day, her brother decided to drug her, and perform an “honor killing,” by strangling her to death. He did this because she took a picture with an Islamic cleric, which is apparently going too far for that religion. Honor killings in Islam are common.

When interviewed, her brother stated that he was proud of killing his sister, because she was bringing dishonor to his family.

So the case is pretty cut and dry, and this is one more drop in the Islamic honor killing bucket. It’s not hard to understand why, or how she died. The killer is completely honest about it, and everything points to the obvious fact that this is a result of the Islamic belief system.

Enter the media.

ABC news decided to report the murder by mentioning “conservatives”:

DWNews decided they would go a feminist route, and blame it on “patriarchy.”

HuffPo’s article doesn’t mention Islam once. Neither does the Independents, nor this BBC article. All however mention the term “conservative,” as a way to describe Islamic adherents.

Its never ending quest to mention Islam as little as possible, if it can avoid it at all, is nothing short of extraordinary. Even during terrorist attacks, the media will play games like “we don’t know Mohammad Al Islamguy’s motivations for shooting all those people,” or they call it workplace violence, or they even try to blame it on the victims. Anything but putting the fault where it belongs.

Let’s live in reality for a moment. Islamic beliefs drove Baloch’s brother to murder her. Islamic beliefs encourage this kind of behavior. Islamic beliefs inspired the shooters during the Paris attacks. It’s what drove the killer in Nice France to run down dozens of people. Islam is driving the disrespect toward women in countries like Germany, where rape is skyrocketing. Islam is the ideology behind the plane hijackers that killed 3,000 Americans during 9/11.

The media’s aversion to talking about the “religion that must not be named” is disgusting, especially when this religion is killing, raping, and pillaging left and right. It’s especially disgusting when it tries to divert the blame to anything else, be it the patriarchy, or a veiled attempt at lumping in conservatives with those who would kill their own family in the name of honor.

The media are cowards, unwilling to stand up to a politically correct curtain that tries blocks the view of slaughter and abhorrence occurring under the guide that is Islam.