Nice France Attack Stopped By Hero Who Jumped Into Lorry to Fight Terrorist

Action heroes exist in real life.

During the awful attack in Nice France, a terrorist by the name of Mohamed used a lorry to smash into people, killing 84, with 50 still on the brink of death.

According to authorities, something amazing happened. While everyone was running away, one man ran toward the danger in an attempt to stop it.

The Independent talked to police, who told them…

They said the man had hurled himself into the cab when the 20 tonne truck was held up by an obstruction. He wrestled with the driver, who seized a revolver and fired several shots at the man and at police officers who arrived on the scene. None was hurt. The driver was then shot dead by two officers.

Eyewitness Eric Ciotti told Europe 1 said that as people tried to flee from the truck, someone jumped in and was able to help the police kill the man.

“A person jumped on to the truck to try to stop it,” he told the radio station.

“It’s at that moment that the police were able to neutralise this terrorist. I won’t forget the look of this policewoman who intercepted the killer.”

Police say that if it wasn’t for this brave man, the attack would have gone on much longer, and many more lives would have been lost. His actions were integral to stopping the slaughter.

I hope to learn the name of this man soon. During times of atrocities is when heroes emerge, and they deserve to be celebrated. I’d much rather know this man’s name, and the names of the officers who stopped the terrorist, than the terrorist himself.

Whoever this man is, God bless him.