[Watch] Fox News "Forensics Expert" Embarrasses Herself On National TV Lying About Guns

[Watch] Fox News "Forensics Expert" Embarrasses Herself On National TV Lying About Guns

If you need to a great “how-to” about being cringeworthy on national television, Fox News gave a great example not long ago after the Dallas shooting.

During a discussion on the guns used against police in Dallas, and how you can get them, Fox News hosts invited on a “forensics expert” by the name of Jennifer Barringer, to offer more insight.

What she gave was nothing short of nonsense. Barringer puts her ignorance regarding firearms on full display for the world to see.

“These guys could have used hunting rifles, in fact,” said Barringer. ” The big difference between an assault rifle and a hunting rifle is, frankly, the scope that one puts on it.”

For those with even basic knowledge, putting a scope on a rifle does not make it an assault rifle. In fact, nothing does. There’s no such thing as an assault rifle. It’s an invented term made to make any gun sound scarier than it actually is.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though, as Barringer continues to embarrass herself.

“This could have been done on spurt of the moment, with a hunting rifle very easily, as long as it was a double shot weapon,” said Barringer. “They could easily do it with something you could purchase at a grocery store.”

I can’t count how often I was in the produce section of H-E-B, checking the prices on russet potatoes, when I looked over at the Deli to see a box of “double shot” assault hunting rifles half off.

I’m not particularly sure what she meant by “double shot.” Perhaps she was confusing double-barrel shotguns with hunting rifles, or perhaps she meant it can just fire two shots quickly. I’m not sure, but either way, this is abject nonsense. Not only is “double shot” not a thing, picking it up at your local grocery store is demonstrably false. If anyone can point out at the Kroger where I can pick up a hunting rifle, I’d appreciate it, because I seem to continuously miss them.

But it’s not over yet.

The hostess of the show began talking about “research” she did, and how she discovered that there are “adaptors” that can turn a gun into a semi-automatic assault rifle.

Barringer the forensics expert acknowledged this fact, and agreed.

“Thats right,” said Barringer. ” It will certainly allow the rifle to shoot faster, which may have been what they have been hearing.”

I once felt like I didn’t have to point this out, but now I do. There is no adaptor that can magically make your gun fire faster.

The cring-fest continues, with Barringer throwing out words like “clips,” and saying they were weapons you can purchase “almost anywhere at this point.”

You can watch the God-awful display of ignorance below, at least for as long as you can stand it. I apologize for the potato quality.

I think I’m most surprised that this was aired on Fox News, a network typically watched by people who know a thing or two about firearms. Whatever Barringer and the hostesses were trying to get away with here did nothing short of embarrass themselves and the network.

I can think of only one response.

Perhaps from here on, Fox can first define the word “expert” before it defines guns.

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