Senator Ben Sasse Has An Awesome Message for Fathers On Father's Day

We don’t see much about Father’s Day in the general public. The card stores try to sell cards, outlets try to convince you to buy Dad a fishing pole, or something cool. As far as Father’s Day goes, it’s a day that exists, but it’s not publicly celebrated like Mother’s Day is.


In fact, there’s a sentiment circulating around that seeks to take the celebration of fathers out of society altogether, and the sentiment is more pervasive than you might think. As reported previously, Old Navy released a shirt that made Father’s Day, “her day.”

Of course this is foolish thinking. Fatherhood is important, even if our society’s pop-culture thinks it dismissible.

Enter Senator Ben Sasse. He isn’t concerned with tired platitudes, and social popularities of a cause. Sasse has a very real outlook about fatherhood, and how important it is. Not just to the families, and the children, but to the father as well.

Sasse lays it out plainly. Fatherhood isn’t easy. It’s messy, tiring, and tests you. Furthermore, he wants to impart the message that fathers aren’t perfect, but that’s okay. Show up, be strong, and be the father your family needs. What’s more, he’s honest about his own flaws as a dad, and holds up his experience to tell you how important being a good dad is.


Watch the video below.

I’m glad to see more politicians talking about fatherhood at a time when many in the public couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge how important fatherhood is. We definitely need more encouragement in our society, where fatherlessness is rampant, and pop-culture makes fathers out to be an afterthought behind motherhood.



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