Obama: Orlando Shooter Had a Glock With "A Lot of Clips In It"

Continuing the parade of ignorance that most anti-gun people exhibit when speaking about firearms they know nothing about, President McGungrabber himself made his lack of knowledge very apparent during a press interview in the oval office.

“It appears that one of those weapons he was able to just carry out of the store, a assault rifle, a handgun, a Glock which had a lot of clips in it…” said Obama.

Watch this video here.


If you ever wonder why many of us gun owners have a hard time taking any talk about gun control seriously, it’s because people like our own President couldn’t point out a rubber band gun from a SIG 221. In fact, the media’s, politician’s, and activist’s knowledge on guns seems to break down to something that looks a lot like this.

guide to weapons



What’s worse, is that they use this language in ignorance on purpose. They have zero desire to educate themselves, because education isn’t the point. In fact, it would be the opposite of helpful for them. Education would result in more gun owners who would vote to keep their guns, and encourage others to buy them as well.

No, their intent here is to make guns sound as scary as possible. It doesn’t matter that an AR-15 can’t fire a hundred rounds in 9 seconds, and that it’s a semi-auto that can only fire as fast as you pull the trigger. It looks like it could be a full-auto, and thus the public can believe it. It doesn’t matter that a Glock can’t have a lot of clips in it – it can’t even take clips – the idea of a gun having a lot of something in it is frightening!

Obama, with his anti-gun bias, is attempting to disarm you with lies, while our enemies are arming themselves and killing us. In essence, we have an uneducated man, leading an uneducated media, that is attempting to make everyone helpless.


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