The Hysteria Surrounding Orlando Summed Up In Less Than 6 Minutes

The facts are apparent. An Islamic radical walked into a gay bar in Orlando, and by the time he was done, 50 people were shot dead, with many more injured. Aside from little details, the case is pretty cut and dry.


But leave it to our politicians, the media, and activists, to make this about anything but what actually happened. As I’ve discussed in a previous article, we’re given little time to mourn the dead, or seek vengeance on our enemies, because this is a crisis that opens the doors for opportunities. The slain are now props.

We’ve now had attacks on the NRA, gun rights, Republicans, Christians, and American culture itself. In other words, guilt placed on everything but the guilty. Without question, radical Islam has put the LGBT community into their crosshairs, and are killing them unapologetically. Normally, it happens in other countries, and we take little notice. Now, it’s happened in ours.

Still, the waters get muddied with all the political agendas inserted into the pond.

Admittedly, it becomes hard to keep up with the constantly evolving narrative, and through the process of untangling everything, we lose focus on what happened.

Enter Steven Crowder.

Within 6 minutes, Steven’s latest video walks you through all the minutia that has developed around the atrocity up till now, even debunking every claim along the way. At the end, he makes mention of a very interesting realization that you should take particular note of.

Watch the video below, and be sure to share it.


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