Sally Kohn Cares More About Her Own Prejudices Than The LGBT Community

There are a myriad of things you shouldn’t do when an atrocity occurs, and Sally Kohn managed to hit quite a few of these points on the checklist. It wasn’t long after the horrible shooting in Orlando that took the lives of 50 people and injured many more, that Kohn was on the warpath.

But not against radical Islam, the ideology that spurred this shooter to murder. Oh no. Our social justice Kardashian has bigger fish to fry than people killing our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, because God knows

Kohn decided to target Christians, who had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting, and in fact, condemn it with every bone in their body. Her tirade was nothing short of gross, as she full bigot in order to make Orlando about anything but the actual bigotry at fault.

Kohn isn’t the only one pointing fingers at anything but the Islamic radicals. She joined by feminist loony, Amanda Marcotte at Salon, Chase Strangio at the ACLU, and a whole host of Twitter foot stompers. Together they form a coalition of insanity that would rather see Christians looked down upon, than be so unprogressive as to put the Islamic radicals at the top of their most hated list.

Kohn, whether she likes it or not, is representative of a sickness within the far progressive left. She, and her like, know damn good and well that Islamic radicals are throwing gays off of roofs, hanging them in public, and shooting them en masse in nightclubs. However, social justice dictates that there can be no sin above that of the straight, white, Christian.

It’s true that Christians and the LGBT community don’t see eye to eye. You can see it in the articles we lob back and forth at each other. Here are two groups who believe two different things down to their very soul. Yet, what Kohn and her kind won’t acknowledge is that outside of the articles, the news reports, and the social justice causes…

The Christian right and the gays are getting along just fine.

I should know, because I’m close to more than a few homosexuals. In fact, there are many gays within the ranks of the right wing Christians who are wondering how Kohn’s blanket statement squares with their existence.

Rest assured, Christians are as outraged and heartbroken as everyone else is over the deaths of these Orlando innocents. We don’t care that they’re gay, or lesbian, or trans. We don’t pardon murder based on sexual orientation. Many of us have been calling for the cessation of LGBT murder in Islamic countries right alongside the gay community.

We may disagree on how things are done. About definitions of marriage, who should be able to walk into what restroom, and if not baking a cake is a civil rights violation. These are paltry issues when held against the fact that people are being outright murdered by a radical sect of a religion. Not all religions. Not the Christian religion. Islam. Period. Full stop.

I don’t see Kohn’s shift of blame to Christianity as brave, or speaking truth to power. Those “powers” aren’t after her. Those like her who claim that this was caused because Christianity opened the door for hate aren’t being progressive by attempting to keep a wound open and wide as both sides come together to mourn.

Kohn is a coward who is using the deaths of those in her community to push a message of “us vs them” when the us should be “Americans” and the them should be “radical Islam.” Instead, she’s leading people to further division, and taking their eyes off of the true enemy that isn’t just refusing to bake a cake, they’re killing.

She doesn’t care about the LGBT community. If she did, she’d focus on where the real threat lies.

As far as I’m concerned, Kohn needs to grow up.

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