France Warns Israel That Not Inviting Violent People Into Israel Will Cause Violence

Yeah, I thought it was a pretty dumb thing to suggest too.

After the attack in Tel Aviv that cost the lives of four Israelis, the IDF decided to close off the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and putting restrictions on Palestinians looking to gain entry into the country. This will remain in effect until after the Jewish holiday of Shavuot on Sunday. Israel has made exceptions for “humanitarian and medical” cases, as well as Muslim worship at Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.


France is currently at the head of the UN security council, and upon hearing the news that Israel was closing off borders, Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told Israel that doing so could provoke tensions, and should instead work further toward peace.

As reported by the Times of Israel:

“The decision by the Israeli authorities today to revoke tens of thousands of entry permits could stoke tensions which could lead to a risk of escalation,” Ayrault told a small group of reporters at UN headquarters in New York. “We must be careful about anything that could stoke tensions.”

This seems rather short sighted, as tensions between Israelis and Palestinian terrorists are already stoked, and nothing short of complete annihilation will appease them. Therefore, it’s better to close off borders and be safe, rather than leave them open and be sorry. Israel is more than correct to shut its borders down during Jewish holidays, when terrorists will be most likely to strike.


It takes almost nothing to provoke radical Islamic terrorism. France learned this when it opened its borders to refugees, and one fateful night, Islamic extremists took the lives of 130 people. If opening borders results in death, then closing them surely wouldn’t hurt, especially in Israel’s case, who are the constant subject of Islamic radicalism’s ire.




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