Want to Operate On Donald Trump?

Well now you can!

The hit video game, “Surgeon Simulator” is an unwieldy, unrealistic, and unbelievably fun game that requires you to operate on people by replacing all sorts of internal organs in the most destructive way possible, provided you don’t let the patient bleed out first.


The game has allowed you to operate on people and aliens, but now thanks to the launch of Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition you can now even operate on the Republican nominee for President, Donald J. Trump.

The game allows you the use of golden medical equipment, Trump products, and the man himself, as you perform surgery as seen through the lens of a Fox News-esque channel view.


The idea of cracking open Trump’s chest and seeing if he has a heart is a fun idea, and the developers of the game have gone so far as to keep track of what gamers are replacing his heart with, a gold heart or a stone heart. So far, the stone heart is winning.


So, take a swig of Trump vodka, fire up the bone saw, grab your golden scalpel, and make surgery great again.

If you’d like to purchase the game yourself, you can follow the link here.


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