Disney SLAMS Sanders With A Simple Question: "How Many Jobs Have You Created?"

It looks like the Magic Kingdom will take no belittling from other rulers, as Disney is once again on the offensive against big government types who seek to use it as an example.


To recap:

First the Secretary of the VA lied about Disney’s concern for wait times in order to excuse the VA for the horrendous length our veterans have to wait for care.

Disney responded by correcting the VA Secretary, describing just how important it is that its guests don’t wait long, and have an excellent time while they’re doing it.

Then Bernie Sanders lied about Disney’s pay in regards to its employees, and left out important information concerning Disney’s actions regarding hiring immigrants.

And Mickey isn’t taking that lying down.

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, wrote in a private Facebook post:

“To Bernie Sanders: We created 11,000 new jobs at Disneyland in the past decade, and our company has created 18,000 in the U.S. in the last five years. How many jobs have you created? What have you contributed to the U.S. economy?”

Iger is right to ask, and I’ll give him the answer.

In Sanders’ state of Vermont, private sector jobs shrank 1.2% from 2000 – 2011. To be fair, government jobs skyrocketed by 7.5%. But it will likely not see an increase in the private sector, because Vermont’s high taxes keep businesses from wanting to settle there. So if you want to work at the DMV, you’re good to go, but if you want to climb the corporate ladder, you might want to just go away. And according to Vermontians, that’s exactly what people do. Once you graduate high school, you leave the state.


Maybe to Disney California for a job.

It might be my anti-big government bias, but watching Disney slap around officials that couldn’t run a lemonade stand has been a welcome break from all the slapping around big government has done to us over the years.

Well done, Disney. As usual.


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