North Carolina Governor Reveals Petitions Against HB2 To Be Special Interest Lies

Governor Pat McCrory reminds me of the Terminator from T2. The man strikes hard, and the return fire just seems to bounce off of him. Not even when they throw heavy stuff like hypocritical celebrity, and corporate denouncements at he and his state, does he blink. He just keep coming, because he has to protect his charge. Only instead of just one kid, McCrory is looking after an entire state of people.

In other words, McCrory is badder than the Terminator.

His latest bout of badness came in the form of calling out a lie that attempted to make the in-state hatred of HB2 seem much larger than it was.

You’ll recall that during the rally in support of HB2 – a law that assured government bathrooms and locker rooms remained sex specific – a counter rally was held that claimed it has boxes filled with names on a petition denouncing HB2.

According to organizers, the petitions were many, totaling up to some 175,000.

However, Governor T-800 decided to see just how displeased North Carolinians were by looking at the petitions. What he found was that the petitions were not only far less than the activists claimed, but most of them weren’t even from within the state.

McCrory had this to say from his website,

‘The anonymously-funded, national smear campaign led by the Human Rights Campaign is grossly misrepresenting information about the petitions delivered to State Capitol today. Contrary to the media reports, the activists only delivered enough petitions to fill two boxes and the overwhelming majority of signatures were from out-of-state. The stacks on the right in each photo consists of out-of-state signatures.’

In other words, the people of North Carolina aren’t nearly half as outraged as some would have the world believe. In fact, judging by the photos of the rally in support for HB2, North Carolinians love the law, and wish to see it upheld.

Hasta la vista, activists. You’ve been terminated.