Real Progress: Texas Cracking Down On Local Governments That Illegally Prohibit Carrying Guns

Real Progress: Texas Cracking Down On Local Governments That Illegally Prohibit Carrying Guns

If there was a state that could write the book on “How To America,” Texas would be it. The state’s fight to loosen gun laws has been a breath of fresh air in a country where weird hysterics over firearms has become a norm.

I mean really, Brady Campaign? Shooting Alice in Wonderland in the face? Why?

Texas’s latest purge of anti-gun laws consists of ruling on complaints filed by citizens at the local level. It would appear, that though it is perfectly legal to carry on government property, some municipal governments are still acting up.

Thanks to S.B. 273, Texans may now file complaints about signs posted that illegally prohibit licensed carriers from bringing their guns on government property. So far, nearly 60 complaints have been lodged, and are under investigation by the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

The state isn’t kidding around either. After receiving notice that the signs must be taken down, the city government is penalized $1,000 for the first day it’s kept up, then $10,000 everyday after that. This is a stark, and welcome change, as before last year, government entities faced no penalties for treading on the rights of Texas citizens in this way.

According to, some cities are backing down the moment they hear they’re under investigation.

“In several cases — in cities such as Abilene, Austin, Melissa, Mineola, Pasadena and Tom Bean — city workers removed questionable signs when the attorney general’s office began investigating the complaint.

Elsewhere, the Brazos County Courthouse, the Dallas County Government Center and theMcLennan County Courthouse have been told to remove or change their signs.”

It should be noted that private establishments still have the right to refuse carriers on their property, via the the 30.06 Texas penal code, and this only applies to government property, with the exception of courtrooms, schools, and meeting rooms of government officials.



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