Lie-Able Sources: Trial By Tire Fire, Kicking a Kicker While He's Gowned & DeSantis Controls the Weather

Your source for mainline mainstream media misdeeds and malarkey.

As the election fraud case in New York continued, the press continued to ignore the actual operations of the case as it became apparent how much of a mess it had become. Instead, they chose to complain about what was happening in the gallery or outside the courthouse. Republicans have been paying attention and arriving to see things live. This is a problem, you see. How? Well…that part is never really explained.


For over a week now, the press has been tied up in knots over the speech given by Kansas City Chiefs placekicker Harrison Butker. They are so upset in fact that they can never actually get around to detailing the specifics that are so objectionable, or else they fabricate things he said to justify their anger. Then we’ll wrap up in Florida, where the local press is acting about as squirrelly as usual, and the national press wants to blame Ron DeSantis for not outlawing global warming

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media malpractice and misinformation.




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