Did NBC News Just Ruin the Trans Narrative by 'Proving' It Is Impossible to Change Your Race?

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In a detailed piece done to protect the races, NBC News and a panel of experts declare it “impossible” to switch races. What about genders then…?

NBC News, in an apparent bid to strike a defensive position in regard to the issue of race relations, may have just delivered a searing indictment of that other pet project of the media elites—trans-activism. The outlet delivers a report on those people it identifies as participating in the practice of “race change,” and in the process, it manages to unintentionally contradict some of the common narratives in other aspects of the culture and unravel the foundation of transgendered talking points.


What NBC attempts to do here is describe this emerging practice. Surprisingly they hold back from the favored description in the press, actually saying of those desiring to shift their race that “they do not constitute a full-blown trend,” although there is a term and acronym already – Race Change To Another, or RCTA. Really. But then the outlet strives to undercut this non-trend in an apparent effort to protect the sanctity of certain races. Yes, “appropriation“ will be invoked.

From the start, there are issues that make one pause. The headline reads, Inside the Online World of Those Who Think They Can Change Their Race. Then the sub-header announces, “Practitioners…purport to be able to manifest physical changes in their appearance and even their genetics to truly become a different race.”

So, just a moment here – “Who think” and “purport?!” These are rather divisive, non-accepting terms to use in reference to how people self-identify. We have been lectured for years that this is exclusionary thinking and shows intolerance. We have been hectored that respecting how an individual proclaims themself to be is a vital response. Yet this is not the only issue to emerge in this report.

Writer Emi Tuyetnhi Tran enlists a number of experts to weigh in on this issue, and some of the conclusions are rather…well, surprising to see get reported from a major news outlet. We get told that there are certain realities that cannot be overridden by an individual’s desire to become something other than what they have been previously assigned. This is an amazing departure from very similar assertions we have become familiar with in recent years.


Experts underscore that it is simply impossible to change your race. “It’s just belief,” said Jamie Cohen, an assistant professor of cultural and media studies at Queens College, City University of New York. “It doesn’t ever really work, because it’s not doing anything, but they have convinced themselves that it works because there’s other people who have convinced themselves, as well.”

Ummmmm…wow. This is rather stunning to behold. After all, people on social media stating nearly these identical words in regard to the transgender movement have become silenced and/or banned for these thoughts. Then it gets better.

Experts agree race is not genetic. But they contend that even though race is a cultural construct, it is impossible to change your race because of the systemic inequalities inherent to being born into a certain race.

David Freund, a historian of race and politics and an associate professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, corroborates the idea that a “biological race” does not exist. What we know today as “race” is a combination of inherited characteristics and cultural traditions passed down through generations, he said.

It is at this point that I need to wave the black flag and grind all of this to a halt. Not that I wish to dispute anything that these experts are telling us, but it is to get the media to recognize something deeply flawed in all of their narrative building. 

  • Here we are told that race is not genetic, but it remains inalterable because even though it is a cultural construct, it is impossible to be changed.
  • With transgender issues, we have been told that, despite the genetically-assigned realities of biology, gender is a construct, so therefore it is fluid and something people can alter, seemingly on a whim. 

This is now approaching the level of another paradox that we have previously been delivered by the proponents of the LGBT𝜋 agenda. That would be the declaration that your sexual preference is something you are born into, but the gender you are born into is something you can actually choose. They continue to attempt to place an anti-science peg into a front hole, and the realities defy their desire.

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What is interesting about this new media contradiction is that they are becoming undone by their own rules. You cannot tell us that it is impossible to alter a social construct without first blasting into pieces the prior claims that biological realities are merely social constructs. 

This is the point when not having chosen to participate in these new rules from the start is so liberating. We can simply step back now and watch as those who have tried foisting these unreal standards on us are forced to contend with their self-created social sophism. Once all of you geniuses manage to come to some kind of conclusion with all of this, don’t bother telling us your results.




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