The Daily Mirror Goes Full ‘Boston Bomber Groupie’ in Its Coverage of Nashville Shooter

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As a sign of just how ill-thought they were at Daily Mirror, there were two attempts and two deletions of this backdoor praise of the murderer.

Normally in the wake of a tragedy like the Covenant Christian School shooting, there is an effort made to diminish the details of the individual behind the murders. Glorifying their acts and making them into something of a dark celebrity has long been something worth avoiding. Yet following the massacre in Nashville, our warped press complex has taken a different turn, and this is exposing the soulless nature of the industry.


Note the amount of coverage seen lately shielding the trans community and accusing those mentioning the nature of the shooter of “targeting” an already oppressed subclass. Lost in all of this has been empathy and concern for the victims. As I pointed out in my recent Lie-Able Sources podcast, this case brings about a killer the press cannot criticize, and Christian victims for whom they cannot sympathize, so they are left flailing as they grapple with what to do with their fervent coverage.

As bad as so much of the media coverage has been, we may have reached the nadir. The Daily Mirror saw fit to explore the background of the killer of six at Covenant, and they managed to paint a picture of an individual with pleasant and artistic tendencies. Yes, seriously. They even went so far as to describe the artwork alluded to with the use of the term “childlike,” for the killer of three children on March 27.

This is a disturbing level of journalistic malpractice that calls to mind another infamous episode of the press glorifying domestic homicidal goons. Recall following the killings at the Boston Marathon when Rolling Stone Magazine featured a glowing boy-band-level glossy of the bomber? 


The Daily Mirror at the least has deleted the piece, after receiving significant scorn over its fawning coverage, but not without some struggle. The outlet managed to make three attempts at selling this misguided bio of the killer. This means as a news outlet, it was intent on putting out this level of warmth and understanding. We are left to ponder the motivation for this move. Was it fealty to the trans activists? Hostility towards Christianity? An attempt to suggest a noble soul was corrupted by the acquisition of weaponry?

This crass move follows something we have seen plenty of in the past week with media outlets. In a fashion very similar to the narratives seen over the years with domestic terror episodes and the press lecturing us on the dangers of backlashes against Muslims and the baseless claims of a rise of “Islamaphobia,” now the trans community is receiving similar treatment. Look at the number of reports seen concerned with that community poised to be threatened, as if they were the real victims and not the six lives eliminated.

Whatever the motivation, the Daily Mirror displays a sharp disconnect seen throughout journalism. The practices of respectful humanity are bypassed blithely as more and more, we see outlets shown to be slaves to their narratives, as decency and truth are cast aside freely for the sake of maintaining the messaging.


So when decency is so readily dispatched it leaves us with the obvious conclusion that our journalism industry is only becoming more indecent.

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