The Press That Called to Censor Trump Cannot Stop Their Compulsion to Broadcast His Words

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Have you noticed that after his words are claimed to pose an inherent threat to the nation, Trump’s quotes manage to appear everywhere?


It was the first week of March when something caught my eye and then strummed something in the back of my brain. It was a tweet from Maggie Haberman and she was basically responding to a claim made by Donald Trump that he had not sought an endorsement from Sarah Huckabee Sanders. What struck me was she gave a screencap of Trump’s comments on the matter from Truth Social. There was a full quote from the despised former president, placed prominently on the social platform he had been chased off of years prior, and whose reinstatement in the Fall by Elon Musk had led to wailing from the press.


This was incongruous with what we had been lectured about for years; Trump’s words were said to be so harmful that they were required to be cast away in permanence, and yet here was a member of the press sharing them willingly on the very platform from which the press demanded they be banned. It was hardly an isolated incident, and it only predated far more of this from the journalism sector.

In the New York Times this weekend, there was a report about how Donald Trump has managed to maintain a position of political influence since he was deposed in the 2020 election. Hilariously, it was the very same Maggie Haberman covering the phenomenon, insisting that despite efforts to silence and ostracize the former president, he has instead persisted and continued to be a presence.

Since he left office, Democrats and a smaller number of Republicans have vowed to ensure that former President Donald J. Trump never recaptures the White House, where he would regain enormous power over the nation and around the globe. 

Maggie goes on to claim that he has managed to rise to prominence, despite all the efforts to turn Trump into a pariah.

To those who believed that the secret to banishing Mr. Trump was to deprive him of attention — that ignoring him would make him go away — he has shown that to be wishful thinking.

Maybe it is a case of unfortunate timing that this was published just as the media spectrum was in a whirlwind about the speculative claim Trump is poised to be arrested in New York on March 21. More likely, it is a case of ridiculously lame gaslighting. This proves out as we see the piece was written by the woman who wrote “Confidence Man.” It is pretty ludicrous to claim Trump has been ignored in the New York Times when this New York Times writer was just on the New York Times best-seller list with a book focused entirely on Trump.


This weekend has been one of a media outburst, as Trump announced on his Truth Social platform that he anticipated legal action against him to take place. It was with a heavy dose of obliviousness that so many in the media spectrum shared Trump’s post from his site. This was the man, after all, that these same media figures had chased off of Twitter and FaceBook, declaring his words to be an inherent threat. Now they were retweeting his quotes with aplomb.

In many of the reports, there was also the follow-up commentary on Trump’s plea to have people protest in his name. They condemned this announcement and called it everything from a promise of violence to an inherent threat to the core of this nation. Yet, unable to contain themselves, they went ahead and shared those very words that were declared to be so poisonous.

Washington Post writer Aaron Blake posted a number of entries by Trump from Truth Social. Huffington Post covered all angles and all quotes from the man. On MSNBC, they parsed his syntax into legal projections. Robert Costa at CBS News joined others in complaining about how Ron DeSantis had not properly commented on the news. Legal expert (your mileage on this may vary) Andrew Weissman followed suit by talking about both the legal and the dangerous ramifications of what Trump had said regarding the call for protests. Andrew had stern words, but he also had Trump’s words, delivered at the ready.


But Trump’s arrest announcement was a significant news item, some might claim as a form of defense. After all, a former president on the verge of serving jail time is historic; covering that news is needed. Sure — but…

This was not the start of the coverage of the man who would be indicted. Last week, the press complex was abuzz with the announcement that a challenge to an impending presidential campaign of Ron DeSantis had been filed. The entity behind this was a Trump super PAC, and curiously, the media that had long-declared Trump off-limits — and have complained he cannot be reelected for the good of the nation — were covering this filing ardently, which essentially was an in-kind donation to the Trump campaign.

The one thing as equally ridiculous as Donald Trump filing an ethics complaint is the press giving Trump rapturous coverage on the matter. NBC News gave a full-bodied examination of the filing, enthusiastically laying out the cause, quoting the group, Make America Great Again Inc., extensively, and providing links to the documents. This was clearly a fed story from the Trump campaign, evidenced by the outlet watermarking all the pages of the legal filing. The Daily Beast was equally excited to share the Trump super PAC move, as was Jake Tapper, and many others.


This has been seen repeatedly from those voices who screeched the loudest about muting the most dangerous man in America. Reflexively posting about his comments at Truth Social? The Lincoln Project is cool with that. Reposting videos from the man who will bring down our democracy? Aaron Rupar is on the case! Demanding Trump’s words be broadcast to the world, after telling us that seeing his words was the surest way to provoke violence across the country? Biden’s paid influencer lackeys cannot grasp the paradox of their own words.

So now, detailing the campaign efforts of Trump’s clan with spoonfed exclusives is acceptable from the industry that wailed over the need to muzzle this same man across all social platforms. It is all the proof needed to show they cannot help themselves. This is the same press complex that at once complained Trump was tweeting incessantly, and then whenever a news item broke the first thing they would do is report on his tweeted comments about the news – or even complain that so far the president had yet to tweet about it. They are incapable of holding back on covering the man and incapable of seeing their own contradiction.

Why is Trump continually in the news?!, ask the newsmakers who are compulsively driven to cover the man in an obsessive fashion.



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