One NBA Team Creates Women’s History Month Outrage When Players Suggest Women…Give Birth

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The Toronto Raptors shoot an airball after getting dunked on over a Women’s History Month PSA.


It is starting to look like we are at the beginning of a month-long idiocy marathon, as the woke virtue activist set of this country is primed to completely bastardize science, conventions, and women in general in the name of militant inclusiveness. We just kicked off Women’s History Month, and the primary goal seems to be to disenfranchise those being recognized by erasing women in the form of redefining what is a rather defined word.

Jim Thompson previously covered how Hershey’s has kicked off the practice of kicking women out of their own category by heralding a trans individual with their commemorative candy bar. Now in a related reaction, we see the Toronto Raptors organization of the NBA has come under fire for daring to run a promotion to honor women for this month’s recognition. It was nothing more than something fans of any team have seen before — a few of the players from the roster appear on camera and mumble some boilerplate comments to be played on the Jumbotron during a break in the gameplay.

This one is about as innocuous as they get, except this is The Age of Outrage, and therefore any comment that can be reinterpreted has to be extrapolated into the realm of hateful intolerance and a crime against society. For this latest, the Raptors players dared go on camera and declare that women are to be celebrated for their ability to give birth. In 2023, this is considered a controversial comment, and something worthy of being canceled.


So the team pulls down the video and apologizes for the insensitivity displayed therein. What, precisely, is insensitive about stating a fact? Women do give birth. It’s a rather great thing. But — it implies, supposedly, that only women give birth, and now we have to take the tumble down the hysterical rabbit hole of who can and cannot give birth, and who is and is not considered a woman. This is coming from those who are saying that some people still affixed with male plumbing are female and that some who can give birth are considered a man.

Now, if you are going to make these arguments there are two realities to face: 

  1. If you are a “woman” who cannot give birth, you are still included in the category of women, and therefore in no way is it offensive as you are not excluded.
  2. If you are saying that some who can give birth declare themself to be a man, they should in no way be offended by WOMEN’S History Month. They have removed themselves from the category so it no longer applies.

But in this era, people are in default offended mode. The Daily Mail declared the uttering of basic biology “cringeworthy”. Molly Morrison from Bleacher Report wondered who approved this video, with backing from Mina Kimes of ESPN. If anyone is looking at this clip and raging that women are so much more than that and reducing them to just the basic act of procreation and ignoring all the other accomplishments females are capable of, allow me to calm you with a few soothing words.

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First, these are professional athletes, not authoritarians passing a new ordinance in Gilead. Taking what they say seriously is a You problem. Second, none of them use the word “only” or “just,” so accusing them of seeing women in one way alone is off base. They had all of about two seconds to say something, they were not delivering a dissertation at a Ted Talk. And if you are falling into one of the above-mentioned categories in debating the definition of a woman then let me offer some solutions to the problem.

  • You can have a player asked to say something great about women and reply, “I’m sorry, but I’m not a biologist.
  • The team can do absolutely nothing as far as recognizing the month, giving the ragers something else to be mewling about.
  • Do away with honoring a women’s month entirely, as this is far too controversial to make anyone satisfied.

Of course, there is one other option and that is choosing not to become unraveled over the slightest non-offense, but as we know, that option will not garner proper recognition for bravery and comportment on social media, so we know this will never happen.

So go on ahead and bleat away about the sins of anyone saying women give birth. The rest of us will sit back and laugh at all of the biology deniers. Word to your Mother.


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