Joy Reid Says ‘We Won’ in the Culture Wars Regarding…the Satanist Grammys?

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There are so many ways this brief monologue from Joy Reid went sideways it needs to be dissected.


Look, there is zero surprise that MSNBC’s curiosity Joy Reid provided her viewers with a rant that was completely off the rails. It is a nightly occurrence with her, as dependable as her accusing racism in reference to, well, anything and going off on an angry tangent about Ron DeSantis. These are the quotidian benchmarks she is required to hit in her ratings-challenged nightly program. 

But in this instance, not only does Joy deliver all of those elements in a segment, but she also manages to defy logic at every turn, creating numerous PAUSE button moments jammed into a session in under 2.5 minutes. So let us delve into this dysphoria, first coming up with the segment itself. Strap yourself in; this is going to be a bumpy ride for anyone cursed with common sense and pragmatism.

Okay now, (pulls on chemical-resistant gauntlet gloves), let’s dig into this mire. To start, Joy’s segment here is all about her becoming giddy over the recent Grammy Awards presentation. She looked over the gaudy display and was positively excited by the show.

This would be the program that had a red carpet fashion show that resembled The Met Gala on meth. This is the same awards show that had a Satanic stage performance running in primetime. THAT Grammy Awards has Joy exuberant. 


She begins this stretch by claiming the show represented what is a “conservative boogeyman”: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Joy tries to suggest that a multicultural gathering is the same thing as the DEI mandates, which are what conservatives may actually oppose. A mixed-race crowd is not what conservatives resist, but she knows this. Her examples given are a singer performing a song in Spanish, and Trevor Noah walking through a throng of POC individuals in a concert hall. Joy needs to sidestep that more Spanish and POC people are voting Republican these days, of course.

We saw the first trans artist win a Grammy…and Sam Smith, who came out in 2019 as non-binary.” This is the amusing minefield the entertainment complex loves to traipse through with these awards shows. They love to tout how someone from some sub-group of society became the first from that demographic to win an award, doing so in order to – as Joy does here – suggest that the rest of the country is backward and exclusionary towards these folks. What gets lost is that this is an unintentional admission that the industry has not recognized these people prior, ever.

The Grammys have been around since 1958. That means the recording industry has never recognized a trans artist in about 65 years. On Saturday, the Grammys were just as exclusionary and intolerant as is alleged of anyone else. 

Lizzo,” Joy goes on, “performed with her AMAZING choir of many-sized singers.” Now I was not aware that this was considered to be a politicized demographic in this country. I do not recall ever seeing a debate – cultural, or political – where anyone was looking to pass legislation against many-sized individuals. But after some more innocuous inclusions (Harry Styles wears dresses!) Ms. Reid makes a bold declaration.


So yeah – the culture wars are over! And the Left won – like, total defeat! (chuckle)” Funny, I seem to recall for the past few months the conservatives were scorned over the supposed culture wars. Roe vs. Wade, CRT teaching in schools, and even pushing against gas stove bans were deemed examples of the culture wars being unseemly. But suddenly one garish pageant of twisted mores is staged, and now the culture wars are a noble victory for Joy Reid.

So, um – I guess, congratulations are in order? You get to claim an industry for yourself filled with dysfunctional luminaries, attention-desperate souls pushing norms to gain media exposure, and the brazen embrace of Satan on stage. Yes, that actually took place. 

Joy avoided this particular performance in her list of wonderful examples seen on Sunday, but this is part of her newly won cultural plot of land. Have at it Joy, the Satanists should do wonders to boost your flagging ratings, we suppose.

As she was filled with glee, Joy continued, as she inevitably had to turn her focus on her latest obsession, Ron DeSantis. What does the governor of Florida have to do with the music awards, staged in Los Angeles? Absolutely nothing, whatsoever – but that did not stop the MSNBC hostess from speculating as to what must have been his reaction to this display on Sunday.


“I can only imagine the heads ex-PLODING in red states. I imagine Ron DeSantis is somewhere stalking through his governor’s mansion, trying to figure out how to ban the airing of the GRAMMYs in Florida and take away CBS’s tax exemptions.”

Give her some credit for a tacit admission in this. She HAS to imagine this took place, because there is nothing at all suggesting DeSantis had any kind of reaction. There is no indication he even saw the show, but that does not deter Joy from using it to impugn his character – for no reason at all. 

As she went on, Reid segued into more territory that had nothing to do with The Grammys. Next was her addressing the cause of states doing other things she disapproves of, while not living in those states. What is beautiful here is she invalidates herself within the context of her own point.

Red State governors and legislators can ban as many books as they want – but people can still buy them on Amazon, and literally hand them to their kids.”

Um, Joy? Two things here, hon. First, restricting certain books for younger age groups based on appropriateness is not “banning books,” not any more than a motion picture Rated-R so under-18 viewers cannot get in without a parent is considered “banning movies.” Proof of this is in the second item – these books are not banned if you can buy them! And, as you describe, the act of a parent purchasing these titles for their own kids is exactly what laws like the one in Florida are designed to do – making this a parental decision, not something forced by the schools.


It is almost impressive how Reid here manages to contradict herself entirely within the framework of a single sentence. But, this follows suit with the rest of her segment, where making zero sense while attempting to claim a condescending position on matters she has little grasp on means she is typically on-brand.

You go on and enjoy your cultural “win” with the Satanists and other disturbed categories of society, Joy. We will be content to not get worked up over your claimed victory on battlefields few were interested in doing battle over.



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